Complete Hardware, Software and Services in a Package!

Get stated with a free demo today, we are confident that we will give you an entire solution in one single package. No more shopping around with multiple vendors, all you need to do it’s sell and install your clients and we will do the rest.

More than a bunch of parts under the Hood to Manage your Business

  • Admin Dashboard

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    Web Based Dashboard you would Love using every day

    WISP offers a modern, HTML5 Responsive Management Portal that looks great and it’s easy to navigate on any Desktop Computer, Smart Phone or Tablet, all Branded to your Company Name with installed SSL Certificate with your Own Domain. It may look complex, but once we give you the proper training you would enjoy using it every day to manage your business.

    Also get a glance of your Business with one click Reports like Daily Performance, Income Forecast, Aging Invoices, Monthly Transactions, Support Ticket Replies and 30+ more reports.

  • Customer Web Portal

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    Customer Web Portal with latest Secure Socket Layer

    WISP Online will set up a Secure Web Portal so it can be accessed by your customers fully branded with your Business Name, SSL Certificate with your Own domain name like At this portal your customers would be able to log in and make payments and open support tickets.

    The web based portal it’s also connected to your Radius Server so your customers would have full access to navigation history stat’s, by hour, day, week, month and year.

  • Automated Billing

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    Fully Automated and Email Notification Billing

    Sending invoices, collecting payments, taxes, reminders and more are all a thing of the past, WISP Online offer flexible and powerful billing platform backed by proper accounting practices.

    We also offer automatic re-provisioning of services upon customer payment via credit card or automated transaction. We support 80+ payment gateways including PayPal,, Stripe and more.

    Invoice printing service it’s available from our partner MailXStream as an Add-on.

  • Hosted Linux Clusters

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    Linux Cloud Hosted Servers

    WISP Online will set up pure Linux Clusters for your service, of course Linux is used by 70% of the worlds web servers, these are backed up every day for safety measures. We monitor servers CPU’s, Memory and SSD with Alarms Systems 365/24/7.

    As you can see on the graph, we have visual of your servers usage and we have automated the installation of security patches, latest software updates and take care of any vulnerability to your system.

Integrated Billing Software with Radius to Manage Users

Our Enterprise Cloud Hosted Solution would be doing all the work for you, from Invoicing your customers to notifying them that their payment it’s due. It will also disable services if payment it’s not received on time and will automatic enable services upon payment posted.