How Does It Work

How Does It Work?

We use Cluster Computing to make magic.

We automate all the process from emailing your client to suspending the service if not paid.

1 – Fully Automated Invoice Creation Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly

How Does It Work 1
Once you have imputed a client into your dash portal, the system will generate a monthly invoice every month where you client can have access online.

2 – Schedule Invoice and Email Notification

How Does It Work 2
Your customer will received recurrent email notifications with the Invoice to be paid and presented with different payment options.

3 – Auto-Credit Card Payment Process

How Does It Work 3
Supporting over 80+ Payment Gateways, automatic payment process can take place and funds would be available in your bank account.

4 – Suspension and Reactivation of Services

How Does It Work 4
Upon receiving your payment in your dash portal, suspended services will automatically be reactivated via our Radius Server and information will be sent to the Routers.

Complete Hardware, Software and Services in a Package!

Get stated with a free demo today, we are confident that we will give you an entire solution in one single package. No more shopping around with multiple vendors, all you need to do it’s sell and install your clients and we will do the rest.