Support Tools

Support Tools

WISP Online support ticketing system will help to keep track of all clients issues.

Optimize and automate your business with WISP Online platform. The easiest way to run your service provider business.

Our system will become the heart of your business and a central tool to connect everything

Platform comes by default with a Ticketing System, Knowledgeable and Network Status Notifications

  • Ticketing System Features
    Icon Deparments Departments
    Create departments to group similar tickets and separate responsibilities.
    Icon Custom Fields Custom Fields
    Collect any additional information required for your workflows and processes.
    Icon How Email Email Piping
    Tickets can be opened and replied to via the web or by email.
    Icon Escalation Escalation Rules
    Setup escalation rules to perform automated actions and enforce SLAs.
    Icon Ticket Ticket Assignment
    Track and assign tickets to individuals for consistency and management.
    Icon Attachments Attachments
    Supports file attachments for additional context.
  • Knowladgebase Features
    Icon Support Deliver awesome support 24/7
    Ensure your customer service is always online with a searchable self-help knowledgebase that delivers answers to questions even when you can't. Platform will also automatically provide intelligent knowledgebase article suggestions as users enter support requests, helping reduce the amount of tickets you receive.
  • Network Status Features
    Icon Announcements Announcements
    Post news, information and special offers to your customers. Announcements are displayed within the client area and feature social sharing integration for maximising your announcements reach.
    Icon Downloads Downloads
    Provide your customers with downloadable resources to help them with their service, ideal for manuals, templates, software and more. Combined with products, you can sell access to restricted digital downloads
    Icon Network Status Network Status
    A dedicated system for notifying users about service impacting maintenance and downtime within your fleet of servers that highlights issues affecting servers your customers are hosted on.

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