Features Tour

Features Tour

WISP Online helps you to automate and simplify all aspect of your operation.

Optimize and automate your business with WISP Online platform. The easiest way to run your service provider business.

Let us take care of the part you don’t like doing

We can assure you that running an automated billing and support platform will make your life easier

  • Fully compatible with Mikrotik, Cisco and pfSense Radius
    Icon Translated Translated to Only 26 Languages
    Azerbaijani, Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Brazilian & Native Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish & Ukranian
    Branding Whitelabel with your Company Logo
    That's right, we are not taking over your hard working business. The platform would be fully branded to your company. Domain Name, Logos, Emails, it's all yours. Your customer would never know whos is behind your wonderfull billing and support system.
    Automation and Security Automation and Security
    With over 20 years experience on Linux Clusters and Load Balancers our servers are Backed and Pachted daily with lateset software to take care of any security vulnerability. So your customers may recive all critical notifications, invoices and support tickets.

Build by developers with End User in Mind

WISP Online is a powerful, flexible and highly extensible platform upon which you build your business

  • All Features are Included for everyone
    Icon Services Products and Services
    We realize you just don't sell services, there are products. Create your own categories with products and services
    Taxes Taxes/VAT
    Supporting Sales Tax and EU VAT, multiple levels of taxation and inclusive taxing
    Icon Data Auto Suspend
    We offer automatic suspension of services and reactivation of them upon automatic payment or web hook
    Prorate Proration
    Support for fixed day billing and automatic proration on upgrades/downgrades
    Icon Currency Multi-Currency
    Bill and invoice your customers in multiple different currencies at the same time or set up your own currency
    Upgrades Upgrades/Changes
    Support for mid-cycle upgrades with proration of charges and automated account updates
    Icon Quotes Quotes and Proposals
    Generate quotes customers can review and accept online with ease and with one click conver them into invoices
    Email Notification Email Notifications
    Automated email confirmations for all invoice and payment actions with your brand

You want more, here are some Advance Features

If you are a developer, no problem we got Hooks and APIs for you to automate more

  • All Features are Included for everyone
    Icon API APIs
    With a powerful API system and documentation, you can perform actions from remote systems
    Icon Code Laravel/Eloquent ORM
    We leverage several Laravel packages to make it easier for developers to work with our platform including Eloquent ORM
    Icon Modular Modular Architecture
    An open and easy to use modular system allows you to integrate custom and 3rd party systems alike (we provide code samples too)
    Icon Responsive Responsive
    Responsive behaviour built-in means you system will look and work great accross mobile, desktop and tablet devices
    Web Hooks Web Hooks
    A powerful web hook system allows you to tie into events within the system and modify elements such as reactivation upon payment
    Icon Custom Pages Custom Pages
    We make available documentation and guides for extending you system client area with custom pages

Integrated Billing Software with Radius to Manage Users

Our Enterprise Cloud Hosted Solution would be doing all the work for you, from Invoicing your customers to notifying them that their payment it’s due. It will also disable services if payment it’s not received on time and will automatic enable services upon payment posted.